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Black Rainbow
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Black Rainbow
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Sete minutos no céu com as personagens de Kuroshitsuji

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Sete minutos no céu com as personagens de Kuroshitsuji Empty Sete minutos no céu com as personagens de Kuroshitsuji

Mensagem  Valdís Dom Mar 06, 2011 3:32 am

bem axo que o nome ja diz tudo vá meninas escolham um papel destes jogos e depois postem aqui os vossos resultados

o resultado do primeiro link deu me o alois


As you pulled out your piece of paper you looked down as you began to blush at what it said. "So, what's it say?" Alois asked, sending shivers down your spine. "Umm....Umm....well, it actually says b-booty sh-shorts." The boy grinned wildly as he picked you up in his arms and carried you off to the closet forgetting to lock the door behind. "I never knew I'd get such a cutie," he said seductively as he crawled over you. "N-Neither d-did I..." "Aw, you think I'm cute, eh?" "Yeah...I don't know, I guess, yeah?" Your faces were so close together, your noses were already touching, you could feel his hot breath on your lips. "I-If you're gonna kiss me just do it already!" He pressed his lips roughly onto yours as you fell back with him still on top. He licked his lips in between, but you refused as you pushed him off of you. "Umm, c-can we st-stop?" "What's wrong?" He looked at you worried as if he had went a bit too far, he crawled off you and stood up. He held his hand out for you to take as he quickly apologized for his actions. "Well, it looks like our time is up..." "But..." "What?" "Isn't that up to you to decide?" "Well, yeah--..." You pressed your lips against his as you both continued

o resultado do segundo link deu me Ciel *_*


“…Hey Finny? Why do I have to play?”
You asked the happily whistling blonde who grinned:
“That was Lord Ciel’s order”
That made you blush a brilliant red and the only thing that could match your face then was Madame Red’s hair.
When you two entered the room, Bard, Sebastian, Meirin and Ciel were already there. Sebastian was smirking, Bard was looking at the opposite wall, and Meirin was blushing and peeking at Sebastian from time to time.
“You two are finally here”
Ciel stated with obvious annoyance dwelling deep within his beautiful voice. You gave him an apologetic look while trying NOT to blush. After all, you did have a crush on him for the past three years.
“Shall we start?”
Sebastian asked as everyone placed their items into the spacious hat (that was unwillingly borrowed from Ciel), trying to be as shady as possible.
The first pair turned out to be Meirin and Sebastian. You silently wished her good luck and the rest of you started listening to what was happening inside the closet.
-Seven minutes later-
Ciel walked up to the door and swung it open:
“Your time’s up”
As the two left the closed, Sebastian looked completely unfazed and normal while Meirin was blushing the same color as you ten minutes ago.
“Arisa (you), your turn”
Meirin passed the hat into your hands and after a few seconds of browsing in the hat, you grabbed something soft but leather-ish. After you pulled it out, you finally understood what it was and with a huge blush on your face, you whispered:
“An eye patch”
You felt Finny elbow you and you got up and after sending him a small glare, you walked into the closet, knowing who is going to follow you.
When the closet door locked, you sat down onto the cold floor, eyes downcast. You knew that he already had a fiancée and that the difference in your positions was obvious- he was a noble while you were an ordinary maid with no background whatsoever due to your memory loss.
“…So what are we meant to do in this game?”
You heard him ask as he sat down next to you, making you jump up a little.
“I-It doesn’t m-matter”
You stuttered and mentally kicked yourself for doing so.
*Don’t be stupid he’d NEVER want someone like a maid! He also has Elizabeth as his fiancée! Pull yourself together, Arisa!!*
While you were busy mentally scolding yourself, Ciel crawled up to you until his face was inches away from yours:
“Arisa, it was an order”
Your face gone bright red again and you stuttered out:
“Y-you meant t-to kiss b-but because y-you ha-have a f-fiancée it doesn’t m-matter”
“Kiss? I would never even THINK about kissing someone as lowly as a maid.”
Ouch, that hurt. You looked back down on the floor, feeling utterly destroyed. You knew that already but the way he put it was more painful than you being stabbed to death.
“I know and that is why I said that it doesn’t matter”
You whispered, knowing that if you had said it aloud, your voice would crack. Suddenly you felt his fingers snake under your chin and pull your face up to look at him.
“Why are you crying?”
He asked, concern filling up his voice but you smacked his hand away with a small glare and wiped away your tears:
“I am not and please don’t touch me so easily! I am nothing but a lowly maid after all and not someone noble like Miss Elizabeth!”
Suddenly he crushed his lips against yours in a forceful and demanding kiss. You were startled by his sudden action; nevertheless, you kissed him back. When he pulled away, he glared at you and hissed:
“Never tell me what I can and cannot do to you! You are mine and mine only, understood?!”
Your brain was so shocked that the only thing you could do was to nod. You have never seen him in such state but you somewhat liked the roughness of his.
*Oh…my god. I think I’m turning into a masochist*
You thought with a sweat drop and jumped up when both of you heard Sebastian’s voice telling you that your time was up.
Ciel got off you, dusted himself off and then helped you up much to your surprise.
“Come to my room tonight. It is an order.”
“…Yes Lord Phantomhive…”
If you want to know what happened when you went to ‘visit’ him later on (aka the LEMON bit of this quiz), then message me and I’ll send you the result. Why? Because the stupid quizilla policy prevents me from writing lemons (aka deleting them) so that is the only way. Hope that Ciel wasn’t too outta character here teehee =)

o terceiro link deu me o Lau XDDDDDDDDDD


you pull out a piece of paper then read it "butterfly" you said blankly and headed to the closet you sat down and closed your eyes. you heared and the door close and you could feel someone seeing at you so you opened your eyes and looked at who had came in "what wrong lau got a sharing problem?" you said smugly. he smirked and said "only with beauitful women like you" and he leaned on the wall. you blushed and looked away "y-you really think i ... im beauitful?" you looked at him. "well if i said yes would you hit me?" he asked watching you blush more "n-no i'd do this" you said and got up and locked lips with him. you break the kiss and lau said "then yes you are beauitful" and he kissed you and you kissed back. he broke away and looked at the door "they'll be opening it soon" lau said looking back at you. you walk to the door and lock it "not now . . . now where were we?" you said walking to him putting your arms around his neck and then someone knocked at the door "nulock the door you two" ciel said. "umm no" both of you said and return to what you were doing. O3O

o quarto link deu me o Ciel mais uma vez *-*


I listened to this song while writing and it perfectly fits in(don´t listen to the lyrics), so PLEASE hear it while reading, here´s the link:
You took out an eye-patch and Ciel stood up grumbling and walked into a closet (which was bigger than your room). You talked a few minutes and then he slides closer to you and you blushed immediately. He smirked. THE Ciel Phantomhive SMIRKED at you...
He cut your thoughts off by kissing you soft on the lips. "I thought I´ll just take my chance", he said. You smiled and kissed him. Then the door opened again.
*After the party*:
`I have to tell him this`you told yourself. *Knock, knock, knock* "Yes, come in.." "Ciel, I can´t work for you anymore, because of my feelings for you!" He looked so shocked at you that it nearly made you cry. "________, I annulled my engagement with Elizabeth....For YOU! Will you marry me?" "Yes, my Lord!" you said and he smiled.

no quinto saiu me o sebastian


You draw your hand out of the hat and pull out a Black peace of paper. "Who has black?" You ask although it was irrelivent because you knew who it was by the way Grell threw a tantrum and went into the emo corner with a pen and a book in hand. I roll my eyes and told the shinigami to get over it. You saw sebastian come up and offer his hand to you. "Shall we proceed Miss ___" You smiled with a tint of pink coloring your cheeks as you took his hand and followed him to the closet with me as your guide there. Once you two were in the closet i shut the door and locked it. "good luck you two." I called misteviously with a laugh that would mimic the Undertaker's then i walked away leaving you alone. You turned around and tried to find a wall or corner with your hands but, Instead you found a soft solid Form infront of you. "oh I'm sorry!" you said as you pulled your hand away but, It was held in place by a gentle and warm hand. "Your quite lovely tonight Miss ___" He purred you looked up and you locked gazes with a glowing pair of eyes that had a twist of Seduction. Gulping you replied, "T-Thankyou Sebastian." You then felt him lean down into the nape of your neck and inhale deep smelling your *brand here* Perfume, "oh so beautiful." He murmmered then he started to leave a trail of Kisses up your neck all the way to your lips where he Kissed you softly and lick your bottom lip asking politely for an entrance. always such a gentleman. you parted your lips and alowed his tongue to roam every part of your mouth. Moaning you threw your arms around the butler's neck and he snaked his arms around Your waist closing up any space. This went on for about two more minutes before there was a knock on the door. "Sebastian your times up." It was Ciel and he sounded Irritated and in dire need of sleep. You two pulled away and he chuckled, "My master beckons me." You giggle with him. "It seems so." You two exited the closet and you went back to your spot wile Sebastian went to put His bocchan to bed but, not before he shot you a smile and a seductive look making you blush.
~Hope you like it ^^ if you didn't like this one then choose another one.

na sexta deu me o tarado do aloisinho *_*

You pull out the spider and put it on the ground knowing that if you smushed it you would lose your head. You say um i think i can guess who put a spider in the hat. You see Trancy smirking an incredibly evil smile. You've always never listened to his orders and have diobeyed him. The shock was that he hadn't had Claude kill you yet. You say i'm not going in there with you. Trancy says i thought you might say that he gives a hand signal to Claude. Claude knods and picks u up and pulls you over his shoulders. He walks over and throws you in the room with Trancy. You stand up and run towards the door to leave,but Claude shuts it right in your face. You turn around and run towards the window to find Claude already standing outside. You sigh and say alright Trancy what do you want? You know i'm Ciel's maid not your servant. He says lay on the bed and let me do what i want with you or else. You give a shocked look and say i'm not listening to you! He says do it or i'll have Claude accidentally kill you he gives another evil smirk and turns off the lights. He walks over to you and says why must you be the tall one? He grabs your wrist and throws you against the wall taking off your shirt violently. You say Trancy stop! You will call me your young master and you wont resist me! You say your absolutely insane! He shrugs and takes off your bra and throws it. You gasp and cover your newly uncovered breasts. He says uncover yourself he grabs your wrists and tries to take your hands off. You struggle and say can't u be gentle?! He says but that would lose all the fun he rips your hands from your breasts and says wow you've got a lovely pair he grabs your boobs in both hands and massages them. You can't help,but moan and try to struggle more. He takes off your skirt and says lay on the bed. You look at him and decide that you should stop messing around or else he'll seriously hurt you. You go and lay on the bed covering your boobs again. He takes off his shirt and pants leaving him standing in his underwear. You close your eyes as he sits on you and gets close to your face. You open your eyes when he bites your lip until it bleeds. You start tearing up in your eyes and he says did that hurt? Of course it did you little brat! He laughs and says just go along with it or you'll suffer the consequences. About 10 minutes pass of him exploring your body intensely. You moan a lot and flip him over so your on top. You ignore the fact that your mind is yelling at you to stop and take off his underwear. You start giving him a blowjob/handjob at the same time. He moans and after 2 minutes cums in your mouth. You cough and say you must be a virgin to not be able to control yourself that much you laugh. He says oh shut up what do u expect? You look at him and kiss him while getting on his dick and riding him uncontrollably. You both eventually fall asleep in each others arms. After that night you wake up in the morning leaving Ciel to go be the servant of Trancy. You hate his cruelness,but love the way he is so agressive.

este puto é tao preverso merecia uma chapada depois da maneira como me tratou XD isso não sao modos de se tratar uma menina XD

mas eu tb gosto mt dele tanto como o gosto do ciel *_*
o alois é tipo o mello para mim. XD
o alois é o meu amor reprimido de Kuroshitsuji XD
ou seja eu de uma maneira ou de outra vou presa por andar metida com menores XD sou uma pedofila XD vou presa meu deus XD chamem a policia XD eu tenho que ser presa XD
eu nao quero ser igual aqueles velhos porcos do anime e do manga que violaram o Alois e o Ciel --'' bando de pedofilos --'' porcos de um raio deviam de ser todos mortos --'' *começa a escrever o nomes deles no death note e a rir se tipo o Light no ultimo episodio*

e vcs? postem aqui os vosssos resultados ^^
Rain Rainbow
Rain Rainbow

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